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a car bombing in michigan seriously injured a lawyer and his two young sons and the cops are reportedly zeroing in on the suspect. it ripped through the dad's car as he drove the boys to football practice on tuesday in monroe. we now have the father's call to the 911 shortly after the blast. listen. >> 911. >> my car blew up with two kids. i'm telling you what's going on with the boys. i've got two significant leg injuries. one in the bottom left injured. his bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks are chewed up pretty good. okay? >> okay. >> they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> shep: the local newspaper, the monroe news reports that police believe somebody packed a pipe bomb with shrapnel and put it under a car seat and that they're looking at one of the father's law clients as a possible suspect. we're told all three victims should fully recover. >>> new violence in a month long uprising. snipers on roof tops and rocket propelled grenades, killing at least ten people and hurting dozens and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. yemen, deadly battles in the cap
workers took her and the child to the hospital. michigan, check this out. an suv driving right up a wire anchoring a utility pole in detroit suburb. you can see how the vehicle came to a stop. perfectly balanced there with its front tires about 10 feet off the ground. firefighters securing the scene then rescuing the elderly driver. is he reportedly okay. north carolina, more trouble for the united states post office. seems more than 100 social security checks got lost on their way to some people in the city southwest of greensboro, folks including this people. >> my car insurance is cancelled right now because of it. >> shepard: postal officials say they are looking for those checks. minnesota, a baby arriving early outside of saint paul. here is dad. >> i was driving on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby, and we just had it on the highway -- had her on the highway. >> everybody is fine. mom says the roadside delivery is cold and uncomfortable and that random people kept coming up to their car and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox r
two years ago. the trial set to start next month in michigan. the suspect here faces life in prison and remember, he's acting as his own lawyer, which is inif i nately complicated. mike tobin live. what happened in court today? >> shep, he was unsuccessful, arguing compelling evidence be kept from the jury. a model of the underwear bomb, he said that shouldn't be presented to the jury, as well as a video, which you mentioned demonstrating what the explosion would have been like if the underwear bomb had been detonated successfully. both of those he argued, would bias the jury. the judge ruled it's admissible. he argued that a martyr video he made before he set off on his mission, if you will, not be shown to the jury because non-muslims wouldn't understand it. same thing for an al-qaeda video and magazine article, praising him for his ability to get around western security. the judge ruled the jurors can see it all, shep. >> shep: and they did some work today on jury selection, right? >> they did some preliminary screening of the jurors and got some very interesting comments from th
to the lowest level on record. number four, michigan to begin tracking the height and weight of kids under age 18. the governor there says it's to help fight childhood obesity. number three, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg muck 200 passengers evacuated ago plane at dulles airport in virginia. he had to slide down at her age an escape route chute right on to the tarmac. number two, a republican winning a special election to replace the new york congressman anthony weiner in a democratic upset. number one the lawyer for two american hikers held in iran says is he working to secure their freedom. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1959, the soviet space probe luna 2 became the first man major object ever to land on the moon. it was still in the early days of the space race, and the russians already had several victories under their russian belts. first satellite into space. the first lunar fly by. but putting a guy on the moon was the ultimate objective. and luna 2 seriously upped the ante. it was also a major propaganda victory. science was still at the corps. i
the other straw poll. mitt romney won his straw poll in michigan. >> trace: taking new shots at each other today. >> they are. the perry campaign is on the attack. putting out a new web video today questioning romney's position on health insurance mandates. noting how romney changed the wording on that issue between the time his book came out in hard copy and then in paper paperback. romney campaign is fighting back on immigration with this quote. rick perry and barack obama, the same on illegal immigration. trace? >> trace: another candidate met with donald trump today? how did that go? >> you are right. romney was the one that met with him today. trump said he was very impressed with his debate performance and told him so. here is a bit of reaction after that meeting. >> no. i thought he was very good at debate. he did a good job. did i tell him. we really had a great hour together. >> everybody wants to ask why all the potential and current g.o.p. contenders checking in with trump. they want to make sure is he staying out of the race. if he actually endorses one of these folks it will h
a dozen cars injuring several people. police reopening that entry point after several hours. michigan, a commuter train slamming into this minivan west of kalamazoo. the crash killing the 19-year-old driver. investigators say they suspect he turned his car into the path of the train and the conductor couldn't stop in time. nobody else hurt. new mexico, a bomb squad setting off some dynamite at a sante fe home. the owner died recently and said the suspect found the explosives in the shed. it seems his stepfather used them to help shape steel for sculptures. arizona, this 22-year-old soldier lending his parents a hand after they lost their phoenix area home to foreclosure. he cashed in several years worth of army checks to buy back that house. >> my family -- >> he serveed in iraq and afghanistan and took a two-week leave to sign the paperwork on his childhood home. the realtor, donating his commission to a charity for military families and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the ne
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)